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Top 5 Reasons Tea Party Republican Scott Brown is bad for Women and Families @emilyslist

  1. Scott Brown is no friend to women. He’s a favorite of Massachusetts Citizens for Life because of his right wing stance on choice, stem cell research, and opposition to the historic expansion of health care.
  2. In 2005, as a state legislator, Brown showed his right-wing colors by sponsoring a bill that allowed anti-choice doctors and nurses to turn away rape victims if they had religious objections to providing emergency contraception.
  3. Scott Brown continues to stand with big banks instead of middle class families. As Ally Klimkoski of Crooks and Liars posted
    "Scott Brown has been no friend to regular Americans. When it comes to big banks on Wall Street, Brown refused to vote for a tax on banks and hedge funds with over $50 billion in assets. When everyday families can’t make ends meet, surely Brown could support them over companies with over $50 BILLION in the bank?! But no. Americans took the hit once again because Brown refuses to put people first."
  4. Ever heard the phrase “the company you keep?” How about, “you can know a man by his friends”? Brown has worked hard to try and reinvent himself to appear mainstream, but the people of Massachusetts shouldn’t be fooled. In 2010, right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh praised Brown, and told his listeners “…we gotta continue to support him…”
  5. When Scott Brown was elected in 2010, the Christian Science Monitor declared him the “Tea Party’s first electoral victory” saying that his election is “important implications for realigning the Republican Party” into the right-wing ideologues these activists seek.

By contrast, Elizabeth Warren is an icon for working families. Americans see in her a champion for the middle class at a time when families feel their voices aren’t being heard in Washington. If she chooses to run for the US Senate in Massachusetts, Warren will have a tough battle against a $10 million—and growing—war chest bought and paid for by big business and special interests like Wall Street bankers and mortgage lenders. She’ll need the support of the entire EMILY’s List family behind her. Send Elizabeth your words of encouragement today!

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